ARROJO ambassador spotlight

1: how many stylists do you currently employ?

de stijl is a boutique six chair salon currently utilized by husband and wife team sean and aryn hogan. Their vision was to develop an inspired space to create in, they are currently seeking like minded individuals to share their space with and grow as a collective of creatives.


2: how many years have you been in business?

sean and aryn have been in the industry a combined total of over 20 years, but this is their first endeavor in salon ownership. their salon de stijl opened its doors at the end of February 2015.


3: what has been your greatest achievement within you business?

the opening of a new business is a long and arduous journey, we feel that this journey begins most times before you are even aware of it, whether it be learning a new skill or making the mistakes that will prepare you for the future. i think we would have to agree that our greatest achievement would be that we were able to take everything we've learned and build from scratch something that is truly ours. and when we say from scratch we are being quite literal, we did all of the work and labor in the space ourselves, everything from the framing, drywall, and flooring to building custom one of a kind station drawers and reception desk. we wanted every aspect to be original and to have the feel of a functional art installation. we made the decision to do it our way and are grateful for the response we've had.


4: what has been your most exciting time as an ambassador salon?

as an ambassador salon we are the most excited about being able to introduce a product line to our clients that is straight forward and functional. we are excited and confident that these products will work just as well in their hands as they do ours. we love the excitement on a clients face when they are able to take something home with them that not only looks and smells fantastic, but also will be beneficial to their life and styling needs.


5: anything else valuable.

de stijl is a modern space, created to encourage and nurture creativity.  With a strong eye on design, de stijl offers contemporary and classic looks for men and women looking to express themselves and define their style.  The natural evolution of the creative pairing of owners Sean and Aryn Hogan de stijl is a reflection of their mutual love of art, design and architecture.  As its name suggests, there is direct inspiration from the dutch design movement of the same name.

Our approach is reductive and simplifying, allowing for clean design and masterful craft to take center stage.  By removing the superfluous and unessential , we can focus on concept and function.  With a quiet and confident sophisticated style, we aim to translate the visual language of haircutting, by using its most basic forms, of line, angle and shape from minimal graphic elements to those that are meaningful, functional and aspirational.




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