cher miller


Artistically inclined from a young age, Cher tuned her creative abilities in art and photography courses in Atlanta, Savannah, and Tampa. What resulted from that work is a strong eye for composition, form and color. After graduating from Aveda institute Atlanta, Cher found herself drawn to Portland. She had fallen in love with the city: its unconventional vibe, people, and easy access to the great outdoors. She is inspired by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, as well as the culture, music, and fashions of Portland.  Extensive travel throughout North America and Europe, and a year living abroad in Germany gave Cher the chance to blend her love of art and beauty with her wanderlust before finding her home in Portland. 


Assisting the top stylists in Portland, Cher honed her skills as a capable and creative stylist. Cher loves to create looks for both men and women from both ends of the spectrum; short and tight to long and loose; from the classic Ivy League to long, luxurious layers. And her eye for color will give clients tints and shades most flattering to them. Whether welding a razor, scissors or tint brush, Cher has a firm grasp of lines, shapes and color that will leave clients with beautiful, wearable hair. Cher continues her industry education in Portland and throughout the States, learning new techniques and skills to bring back to her clients so they will look and feel their absolute best.