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de stijl                                                                                       503.801.5241

12 N.E. 10th Ave. Portland OR 97232             

 a modern space for hair

 a modern space for hair

de stijl is a modern space, created to encourage and nurture creativity.  With a strong eye on design, de stijl offers contemporary and classic looks for men and women looking to express themselves and define their style.  The natural evolution of the creative pairing of owners Sean and Aryn Hogan de stijl is a reflection of their mutual love of art, design and architecture.  As its name suggests, there is direct inspiration from the dutch design movement of the same name.


Our approach is reductive and simplifying, allowing for clean design and masterful craft to take center stage.  By removing the superfluous and unessential , we can focus on concept and function.  With a quiet and confident sophisticated style, we aim to translate the visual language of haircutting, by using its most basic forms, of line, angle and shape from minimal graphic elements to those that are meaningful, functional and aspirational.

for Sean and Aryn the space was a labor of passion and love,  working closely with local artist Damien Gilley each and every aspect of the space was given thought and consideration ,so much so that in order to truly realize their vision most of the pieces had to be built by hand by Sean and Aryn themselves. they are very proud to say that throughout every inch of the space there is not a nut, bolt, plank of wood or tile that has not passed through their hands


     owners, sean and aryn hogan, both have impressive backgrounds in the beauty and fashion industry.  having worked on set, behind the scenes and behind the chair in london, new york, las vegas and hollywood, they brought all their experience and craft with them to portland.  their vision of a modern space for hair is realized in de stijl.  a place they can create in.

     sean and aryn have been doing hair a combined 20 years.  after working in several facets of the salon industry including fashion and commercial work, they set their hearts on a space they could create in. de stijl was born out of a desire to work in an environment in which creativity, design and style could flourish.  their passion for their craft is evident in all their work.  a commitment to perfection and design never goes out of style. de stijl was originally conceived in 2012,  and now, after several years careful thought and evolution has found its home in Portland, OR.





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de stijl provides a vast array of high quality hair services delivered by highly trained stylists with a professional attitude that believe client comfort and satisfaction come first above all.

as part of our minimalist concept we have chosen to work exclusively with a product line by Nick Arrojo. Arrojo has done a brilliant job of creating a streamlined, functional line of products that work in the hands of both stylists and clients alike. the minimal yet design conscious packaging along with tasteful and clean fragrances are a perfect fit for the modern space and clientele . 

de stijl is proud to be the only retailer of Arrojo in Oregon.